Project 5: SNAP-1

  • Status: Completed
  • Start Date: 13.05.14
  • Finish Date: 14.05.14
  • Tags: national, research
Project 5: SNAP-1

SNAP-1: Patient reported outcome after anaesthesia

Sprint National Audit Projects (SNAPs) are an exciting new initiative run by the RCoA National Institute of Academic Anaesthesia.

SNAP-1 will involve a two day evaluation of patient reported outcome after anaesthesia; specifically, patient satisfaction and patient reported awareness.

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Great news:

SHARC co-ordinated trainee involvement across the region with 23 trainees involved and more than 400 patients recruited.

More than 12,000 patients have been recruited nationally to SNAP-1.


Consultant leads in each Trust locally were as follows:

Rotherham: Anil Hormis

Barnsley: Jo Butterworth / Sunil Chaurasia

STH: Ian Wrench

Chesterfield: Nick Spittle

Doncaster: Richard Dobson


Trainees in every hospital played a crucial role in the data collection and success of the project.

The rewards could be great for all involved: Each investigator is envisaged to be named as a collaborator on all future publications. This includes pubmed searchable articles! Bonus for the CV! Have a look at the website and check it out yourselves:


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