Project 6: ISOS

  • Status: Completed
  • Start Date: 19.05.14
  • Finish Date: 25.05.14
  • Tags: national, research
Project 6: ISOS

ISOS (International Surgical Outcomes Study) 

International observational 7-day cohort study of complications following elective surgery in adults.

For details please visit the ISOS website:



ISOS (International Surgical Outcomes Study)

18-24 May

Trainees in South Yorkshire may become project investigators and work alongside the local PI and research nurses. 

Individuals involved could potentially be named for their contribution as part of the ISOS team on the resulting publications. This might follow a similar publication model as EuSOS (Same study team. Lancet publication. 2000 collaborators named in pubmed searchable fashion). 

At STH, research nurses will obtain informed consent and acquire the follow-up data. Trainees can contribute by collecting intra-operative and demographic data. This approach might vary between different hospitals.

SHARC co-ordinated trainee involvement at STH and assisted in some other Trusts. We will update with recruitment numbers asap.

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